Contracting Party Addendum for Non-U.S.-Based Clients

This Contracting Party Addendum (CPA) to the MSA is entered into by Cavecreek, LLC (Cavecreek) an Arizona Limited Liability Company, Cavecreek EU B.V., a company incorporated in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Registration Number 58235787, and Client. Cavecreek and Client are parties to the MSA and Client has provided Cavecreek with a non-U.S. billing address to order products and services under the MSA.

Parties intend to amend the MSA as provided in this CPA:

  1. Client provided a billing address outside of the United States of America when ordering services contracted in the MSA.
  2. Cavecreek and Client agree that Cavecreek EU B.V. will be the counter party to any MSA executed with a non-U.S.-based Client.
  3. With Client status as a Non-U.S.-based Client, each party agrees to the following:
    1. Any reference to Cavecreek or Cavecreek in the MSA is replaced with "Cavecreek EU B.V.", a company incorporated in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Registration Number 58235787.
    2. Any U.S. Address listed in the MSA or any addenda will be replaced with "Principal address located at Strawinskylaan 411, 1077XX, Amsterdam" and a copy to "2353 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281".
    3. This CPA is effective as of the Effective Date of the MSA listed on the SOF.
    4. If terms in the MSA and this CPA conflict, the CPA terms take precedence.
    5. All other terms and conditions of the MSA not modified by this CPA shall remain in full force and effect in accordance with the MSA provisions.


Published 10.28.2015