Creating your own Nameservers in Cpanel/WHM

This article describes the steps taken in order to use your WHM/Cpanel system as a DNS server.
1. A valid, registered domain
2. 1 IP for each Name Sever
3. Name Servers have been registered via the domain registrar's control panel (see your domain registrar for more information)

WHM Setup_
Note: In this setup process we will be using 'ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com', again this should be registered at your registrar as Nameserver records.

1. Login to your WHM panel as the root user
2. On the left panel under Server Configuration select Basic cPanel/WHM Setup
3. Scroll down to the bottom, you should see a Nameservers area
4. Enter your Nameservers in the Primary Nameserver and Secondary Nameserver fields ex: ns1.domain.com & ns2.domain.com
5. Click Save, this will complete the setup process on this page

WHM DNS Zone Setup
Note: This process assumes you have already created a domain account for your domain, for more information regarding this see:

1. In the left panel of the WHM system click on Add a DNS Zone under the DNS Functions category
2. Under the Networking Setup category click on Nameserver Ip's
3. Assign your domains Nameserver records to each specific ip address, make sure to click the assign button
4. On the left panel browse to the Service Configuration category and select Nameserver Setup
5. Click Proceed and the DNS services will be started on the server

For additional information see:
Manage Nameserver IPs: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/WHMDocs/NsIps
Basic cPanel and WHM Setup: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/11_24/WHMDocs/ServerConfig
How to Edit a DNS Zone: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/WHMDocs/EditZone

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